About us | How it all started

Here to last

With padel having been an escape for many during a series of different lockdowns, and the summer of 2021 offering us a sprinkle of hope when it came to going back to old ways, we decided to combine padel with entertainment to bring people much needed perspective. An intense couple of brainstorm sessions led to a concept that’s here to last.

Introducing... The Buenas Open

An old school elite tennis themed event consisting of a recreational padel tournament followed by a social gathering.


Our long term vision

Corona’s effect on padel was one of few POSITIVE ones. The sport saw an immense increase in popularity, and as a result, demand spiked and the supply followed. Moving forward, clubs are looking to turn pay-to-play customers into long serving members and therefore guarantee the SUCCES of their investments in the long run.

The Buenas Open is an answer to that SUSTAINABILITY question. A moveable concept that – when implemented – will not only strengthen the sport’s community, but that of the hosting padel club as well. We do so by bringing our unique concept to the club itself and providing an unforgettable experience that in the end, has everyone coming back for more.

Our ambitions lie in making it a concept that works wherever & whenever, cementing our place in the sport in PERPETUITY.


To Open (inter)national communities by bringing entertainment to the padel court.


To become the world’s most recognized recreational padel brand and first padel grand slam tournament.